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Welcome to this newest version of eggmatters. I've spruced things up a little bit and updated my content. I actually completely blew away all of my old content and started from scratch. Incremental refactoring it is not. I plan to continue in the same vein and overall mission, I just wanted to put something out I felt better about

Built on the PMF

<tl/dr>Technical gibberish.</>

The Poor Man's Framework arose for several reasons. When I wrote 4 years ago, I wanted to focus on a vanilla javascript content management / delivery system. In that, I was successful. The PHP was intentionally kept pretty low-level. After some time, I gained expertise in both Ruby on Rails as well as various PHP frameworks. The one thing I came to grips with was that Rails, namely ActiveRecord (the Rails ORM), was far more advanced than PHP offerings. Rails routing is far more robust than Symfony, Yii or Zend. Parts of it were intuitive, other parts were not. The main thing to note was that my original site was definitely not RESTful. I despised my decision to use GET resources to provide content.

The PMF emerged as a decision to create a PHP framework that captures the behaviors I wanted:

  • A simplified, yet robust routing system
  • Abstraction of data sources
  • lightweight and low footprint
  • portable
I feel like I've captured these with the PMF. Please read the upcoming post on the PMF to learn more.

This site will serve as an instructional pad for not only developing the PMF from scractch but, also my own thoughts and musings. This time, I promise to post more often, even if nobody reads it.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy.