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Participants and visitors to this site will be referred to as "users". Administrators and authors of this site wil be referred to as "the author(s)."

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I will not be responsible for any compromise of user data or content a malicious user posts on your behalf. I will do all in my power to restrict this scenario and remove any post a user reports to me as being falsely posted on their behalf.

Privacy Policy

I will collect two pieces of data from you: a username and an email. The email need not be valid. A valid email will allow me to reply to direct inquiries. I will only send you an email in response to an email you send me. You will not receive any automated email, newsletter, registration confirmation, offers etc. from me or this site. Please inform me immediately if you receive an unsolicited email from someone claiming to be me or this site. Any information I need to share with my users will be done via the site itself.

Please note that other data will be provided per request as part of the http protocol.

I will not post your email address on this site. I will not share your email address.


This site is serverd over an open (http) connection. All data transmitted between this site and your computer is not secure and can be intercepted. DO NOT under any circumstances, post secure data which may compromise your finances or identity (SSN's, passwords, bank account #'s etc.)

I only validate a username and email address. Anybody who knows these two pieces of information can post something on your behalf. Please let me know immediately if you feel somebody is posting as you and I will remove any content.

While all data transfer is via http, I do take measures to authenticate http requests. I cannot guarantee that all security measures on this site or ironclad or 100% safe. I will do my best to keep the site secure, and keep my users informed of any significant events that would impact the security of this site.

Browser Support

I will only support browsers which are compliant with all current WW3 standards. You must have a browser which supports html5, css3, and ecma script version 6 (java script.) I will not respond to requests to support browsers which do not adhere to the above.

Cookie Policy:

I may write up to 2 cookies on your computer. They will be named: "eggmaters_com" and "eggstok" Both cookies will contain a string of digits and characters. The cookie: eggmatters_com contains an encrypted string of your email address that I use to verify your identity on each page and assign content you post as you. The 'eggstok' cookie is an encrypted string that I use to ensure that requests to my server are from a valid source. You are welcome to tamper with or alter the values of these cookies (ask me how) but, once doing, the application will not be able to process your requests of verify your identity.

The eggmatters_com cookie is written when you first sign up and is refreshed each time you visit this site. This cookie expires 30 days after it is either written or refreshed. This cookie allows me to authenticate and verify your identity from your login. If you are using a public or shared computer, make sure to not check the "remember me" checkbox and logout when you are finished with your session.

The eggstok cookie is written after login and will expire at the end of your session (when you leave the site.) This cookie is renewed and rewritten each time you post. The value of this cookie helps the site to determine the validity of the source of the post.

Disabling cookies, or tampering with or expiring the above cookies will not allow you to interact with this site as intended.

Software Policies

Software referred to by this policy includes: 1) Files provided either in raw text, binary or other formats 2) code snippets and step-by-step instructions. 3) Links to other software resources. Software referred to externally (not provided by the authors of this site) will have its own respective licensing and or restrictions apply.

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Any Software posted on this site will be unrestricted and unlicensed, with only the terms and conditions of this section applicable and the folowing caveat:

Software provided by this site may not be used for any malicious purposes. This includes but is not limited to: Hacking, piracy, security compromise, fraud and identity theft. Suspected misuse of software by the authors will be reported to the pertinent authorities.